School Meals

At present these consist of a hot meal and since September 2014 free school meals are available to all children in EYFS, Year 1 and Year 2. There is no obligation for your child to have these meals and you may provide them with a packed lunch if you wish.

These are specially prepared and provide good value for money. They should be paid for in advance. Children may alternatively bring a packed lunch, which should be in a suitable container. In the interest of safety we do not allow cans, glass bottles or 'glass type' vacuum flasks.

This school does not use nuts in school meals. Please ensure that you do not give your child packed lunches that contain nuts, particularly peanuts, in any form, e.g. peanut butter.

If you wish your child to change from a packed lunch to school meals or vice versa we require a minimum of two weeks’ notice.

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Autumn Term 2016 20th Jul 2016 Download
School Meal Cost for Spring Term 2016 04th Jan 2016 Download
Thursday 18th May King and Queens Menu 12th May 2017 Download