In 2014 languages became a compulsory element of the primary curriculum and all students aged seven to eleven are required to learn a foreign language.

At Hayes, we have a Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) Teacher taking classes every Thursday and Friday afternoon. French is taught to all pupils in Years 3, 4, 5 and 6. We aim to show progression over four years in listening, speaking, reading and writing, with a specific focus on grammar and pronunciation.

We praise ourselves in ensuring that children have a very good Intercultural Understanding which is inbuilt in the planning in the foreign language lessons and other curriculum areas.For instance we hold a French Day every year where the Infant and Junior schools together set up and run a French town for the whole day.

In addition all Year 6 pupils have the opportunity to spend a few days in France.


French Day at Hayes Primary

Wednesday 16th March, we held our French Day at Hayes Primary School


The Post Office

All KS2 children have been working really hard to prepare for this day. We created The Hayes Primary French Town with 4 main areas: Year 6 were in charge of the cafe, Year 5 of the Bank, Year 4 of the Newsagent and Year 3 of the post office.

Our guests and valued customers were reception, Year 1 and Year 2.



The Newsagent

All children were encouraged to use French, and we were very lucky to have had on site that day, 3 additional fluent French speakers to assist in all 4 areas. Also in the background we played French songs, rhymes and cartoons.

At the bank, there was an opportunity to exchange money into euros (fake notes and chocolate euro coins!).

At the post office, there was an opportunity to purchase (with our fake euros), our French custom made postcard and post it into our French post box replica.

At the newsagent, there was an opportunity to purchase (with our fake euros)French Paper, one French sweet and one French sticker. There were also on display French books to browse.

At the cafe, there was an opportunity to purchase and eat a "goûter" bag, a French afternoon snack, a taster bag including croissant, baguette with brie, ham & cucumber. We catered for all dietary or religious restrictions and all children with these restrictions had a personalised bag.


The Cafe

While KS2 children were setting up the French town in the morning by displaying their work and making sure each area reflected the French culture by decorating tables and the hall, KS1 children were also busy taking the register in French, writing the date and the weather in French and creating a French Hat to wear whilst visiting the town in the afternoon. Classroom teachers also added their own personal French touches by choosing their own activities such as songs, word search worksheets, cartoons.


We all enjoyed dressing up!

The children and staff dressed up for the day; wearing items of clothing matching the colour of the French flag, garlic and onion garlands and French berets. They  also dressed up as their favourite French sports personalities or simply wore a blue stripy T-shirt.

The day was successful because the whole school embraced the spirit and culture of an other language where learning took place by having fun in tasting , looking , listening and some speaking!

Please click here for more photos of our great French Day!

Martine Seva
MFL teacher