Bobbie Simpson


I was originally appointed as a parent governor in September 2012. I have three children in one of the Trust schools.

I have been teaching for the last fourteen years, with a little break when our last child arrived, and it has always been a job which I have found hugely rewarding.

During my career I have had the opportunity to hold a number of responsibilities. In my role as Head of Year I managed the care and academic achievement of a year group as they progressed through the school and all staff within this team. I completed a successful secondment to the senior leadership team and have enjoyed the role of Director of Specialism.  I have also had the privilege of mentoring newly qualified teachers and ensuring better learning experiences for students by coaching staff to progress from delivering ‘good lessons’ to delivering ‘outstanding lessons' to pupils.

I currently chair the Achievement and Curriculum committee for the Trust which is a position I thoroughly enjoy.