Year 6 Trip to France

Thurs 20 Oct

Another great day had by all!

Coach B had the chef market assignment this morning while Coach A did activities at the Chateau.

This afternoon we have all been to the Bayeux Tapestry, Arromaches and the British Cemetery.

Now for dinner and the disco! See you tomorrow!

Wed 19 Oct

We have had a fab day!

One coach went on a market trip where they bought and then cooked their own food. The other coach did different activities at the Chateau.

We've been to Pont du Hoc and seen all the craters made by the bombs on D-day and are currently on Omaha beach.We're just off to the American cemetery before heading back for dinner and activities this evening. Lots of fun being had by all!

Please see twitter for photos!


Tues 18 Oct

We have had a great morning exploring Mont St Michel and have just been to Alligator Bay. We have eaten lots of delicious crepes, ice cream and frites!

Back to the chateau for dinner now.

Please see twitter for photos!

Mon 17 Oct

We have arrived safely at the Chateau! The plan for this evening is to unpack, have dinner and then do some karaoke!

Please check twitter for photos!

Mon 17 Oct

Year 6 are in Honfleur and having a lovely time in the sunshine!

We will update you when we arrival at the Chateau