Rights Respecting Week

Every child in the world has 54 rights that should be met and need to be respected. In our classrooms we have 4 main rights that we respect in our classrooms. These are:

  • The right to be safe
  • The right to your own beliefs and opinions
  • The right to be healthy and
  • The right to an Education.

We had a rights respecting week to learn about the other 54 rights of the child. In Year 2, each class choose a right and did lots of activities on this right. Miss Salter had gone on Holiday and brought some picture of a classroom that was very hot. Miss Salter gave them some colouring pencils to respect their right to an Education. We compared our school and the school in the hot country.

In year one, we looked at the right to have friends and we made a poster on how to be a good friend. We also had a competition to design a character for all of our 4 main rights to go on a teddy bear’s T-Shirt. We enjoyed learning about all the different rights and dressing up as the different rights on the Friday!

By Edie Morris 2S & Aaron Greggory 1C