Open Check

Open Check is a free service provided by the LGfL for which we can update parents or carers on the current status of the school should there be severe weather or any unexpected closures.

To enrol yourself in the program, simple download the ParentComms app (Apple and Android devices only) from one of the following links and follow the instructions below. It's also a lot easier if you view this page on your mobile phone and download the app that way.

Google Play Store:

Apple App Store:


How do you Register?

To register, open up the ParentComms app and tap on the 3 horizontal lines in the top left, select Login and proceed to enter your mobile phone number. You will then be sent a 5 digit code which will need to be entered once you've opened up the "Validate Code" section. Enter the code and you are now registered.

To make sure you are susbcribed to the correct school, you will need to select Hayes Primary School. To do this, tap the 3 horizontal lines again, select Open Check and on that page there should be a Subscribe button, usally along the top. Press that then search for Bromley Authority followed by Hayes Primary School. Tap the school and you're all set!

You are now connected to the Hayes Primary School Open Check and will be notified of any school closures, via the ParentComms app.

Please note: Instructions may vary, depending on the device you are using but it will be near enough the same. Any problems, please contact the HPS IT Support.