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25th April 2016

Does the Queen use technology?

Last week was the Queen's 90th birthday. In school, we learnt about some of the things she has done in her life, however the digital leaders were wondering about the technology the Queen uses.

We found out:

- that some members of the royal family have websites, like Prince Charles (The Prince of Wales).

- the Queen was the first monarch to use emails.

- that in 2006, the Queen released her Christmas speech as a podcast.

- that in 2012, the Queen recorded her Christmas speech in 3-D.

Digital Leaders

How has technology changed during Queen Elizabeth's reign?

Technology has changed over the years to make things like communication easier and more efficient. This has meant that tasks, which would have been relatively difficult, have become much easier. This will probably continue to happen as technology advances.

For example, writing an essay in 1714 would have meant you had to use a type writer, whereas today you can just use a computer. Also, if you were born before 1973 you would have had to use a payphone; nowadays you would simply use a mobile phone - some people are even fortunate enough to have a smart phone.

Manjiri Gadgil - Digital Leader

18th April 2016

E-safety Box

Recently, we were making posters and thinking about starting up the E-safety box. We finished off forms for people to put into the E-safety box if they had any worries. The posters are going to go around the school next week, and the start of the E-safety box will be announced in assembly next Friday. We will also be holding an E-safety hub in 6H on the first Monday of every month. This is for people who want to talk to us (Digital Leaders) about any of their E-safety worries. We promise to do our best to help them if we can. We look forward to receiving your notes from the E-safety box or see you at the E-safety hub, soon.

Teodor Wator - Digital Leader

 29th February 2016

Plans for the Future

Today, we have been discussing what we want to achieve this term.

Here are some of the things we would like to do:

- Start an e-safety box where people can write down any e-safety worries they have and get advice.

- Write some app reviews.

- Have a whole school computing day in the summer term.

Remember you can speak to any digital leader about e-safety and computing! Watch out for our news ideas.

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9th February 2016

How are you going to join in with Safer Internet Day?

Digital Leaders

8th February 2016

Year 6 internet safety talk by Murray Letham

Today, Year 6 had a talk from former police officer, Murray Letham, about E-safety (Internet Safety). He is a former police officer and he told us he was one for a good 34 years! He taught us that we should always be careful on the internet, even if we may think we are safe online, we might not be.

Tips from Murray:

*Make sure your PC, Mac, Laptop and phone has a safety/virus filter on them.

*Don’t trust strangers/people you have just met online with passwords and pictures of yourself.(Don’t trust them at all!)

Year 6 15.16 Esafety talk

Year 6 Digital Leaders