Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Nomination (Jan 2017)

Our very talented Miss Wilcox has been nominated for the Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Award by a group of our parents. We filmed lots of different musical events, lessons and performances, all of which took place in a very short space of time and then with the help of one of our parents who was brilliant at putting all of the footage together for us, we entered our nomination video.

We thought you would like to see how much music and singing means to all our children and in particular the effort that Miss Wilcox puts in to ensure that there are so many different opportunities in school: choir, drumming, singing assemblies, strings, brass, band on the run, orchestra…

We are very grateful to the Bromley Youth Music Trust who work closely with Miss Wilcox and together create so many musical opportunities in our school. This video really showcases the fantastic work that the BMYT and Miss Wilcox are doing.

We hope you enjoy watching!