Spring 1 (2016-17)

Congratulations and well done to all those pupils who have received an Award for Excellence this term.

Awards for Excellence    
Sport Name   Class
EYFS Hannah Nokes  Willow
Year 1 Jessica Bustard 1C
Year 2 Archie Semple   2V
Year 3 Lucy Kerekgyarto 3B
Year 4 Zak Grew   4S
Year 5 Joseph Geere   5T
Year 6 Matilda Wright 6H
Connected Curriculum Name   Class
EYFS Alexander Johnston Maple
Year 1 Grace Solly   1CJ
Year 2 Samuel Hammond 2S
Year 3 Oliver Case   3C
Year 4 Noah Burn   4S
Year 5 Freya Kallmeyer  5M
Year 6 Isabella Nye    6S
English/Maths Name   Class
EYFS Anisah Ali   Oak
Year 1 Alexander Wang 1P
Year 2 Harry Ellis   2L
Year 3 Ellisa Mehmet   3CR
Year 4 Woody Holden 4H
Year 5 Conor McBennett 5B
Year 6 Jessica Brown    6S
Learning Powers Name   Class
EYFS Hope Cousins   Maple
Year 1 Emma Messenger 1C
Year 2 Fryderyk Wator 2S
Year 3 Louisa Shi   3B
Year 4 Harley Baker   4R
Year 5 James Mouslou 5T
Year 6 Charlotte Case   6W