Curriculum Music Lessons

Our curriculum music lessons are an integral part of our Key Stage 2 music provision. Specialist teachers from Bromley Youth Music Trust come in to teach on Thursday and Friday afternoons and provide an excellent music curriculum for our students. Each class receives half a term of lessons each term. These lessons range from using tuned and untuned instruments and singing in three parts, to listening and responding to music and composing their own.


The BMYT teachers assess at the end of the year according to whether they are meeting age related expectations (which can be decided using the coverage document). They give teachers an attainment grade (1 = above age related, 2 = age related, 3 = below age related) and an effort grade. Last year, the majority of our students achieved age related, whilst approximately 5% of students above or below age related.

Children are also encouraged to take grades on their instruments, which is why we have many children achieving grades throughout the year. We currently have 14 students who have achieved Grade 1, nine who have achieved Grade 2, a grade 3 violinist, two students who have achieved grade 4 and two grade five pianists. Many others are working towards grades.