We are incredibly proud of our choir here at Hayes Primary School. They rehearse on Thursday lunchtimes and have had many exciting opportunities to compete and perform over the last few years. The choir sing a range of styles, from musicals and pop songs to film songs and classical pieces. The passion they show whilst singing is quite phenomenal and they are able to sing in three different parts which is a real achievement for such young children.

The children in choir absolutely love it. They turn up with excitement every week and take real joy from making music with others. It is socially satisfying, as children are doing something as a group with similar interests, emotionally satisfying, as it gives children a joy that nothing else gives, and intellectually stimulating, as children are challenged to focus, concentrate, listen and learn simultaneously.

As with orchestra, the choir has consistently grown in size over the last three years and we have seen a marked progress in their performances. This is undoubtedly due to the high level of vocal teaching they receive in singing assembly and in their curriculum lessons with Bromley Youth Music Trust teachers, who focus on using voices for at least a half term each year.

The choir compete in local festivals such as the Beckenham Festival, in which they were given a first place two years ago and second place last year. They have also performed at the Bromley Schools Prom where they sang with passion, precision and beauty, They have an excellence reputation in the borough and are looking forward to performing at this prom again in 2018.

Choir have also sung at the Young Voices concert at the O2, raised funds for charity in our local shopping centre, sung at community events such as The Hayes Village Fair, turned on Christmas lights at the local pub and joined with other schools in the borough for massed choir events.