What's next for Music at Hayes Primary?

The passion for music among the staff of Hayes Primary School means that we’re not content to rest on our laurels – we want to continue developing and improving the way that we can get our students to engage with music.  One of the main ways that we’re looking to do this is by creating a music hub – a specific zone for music within the school, which can house music lessons, rehearsals and practices in one custom-made space. Miss Wilcox is also working on extending our musical expertise to the Key Stage 1 music curriculum too; in Autumn 2, 2017, we will begin this new high-quality curriculum for in-class music.

Otherwise, we will continue to practice and improve our musical opportunities, offering high-quality musical learning to all of Key Stage 2, and giving all children the chance to take up the musical pathway, which takes them from being a beginner to pursuing excellence by the end of their Hayes Primary School journey.