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At Hayes Primary School we aim to provide an art curriculum that engages, inspires and challenges our pupils.  We want to equip the children with the knowledge and skills to use a range of materials creatively and to use drawing, painting and sculpture to develop and share their ideas, experiences and imagination.  The children will record their observations and explore colour, pattern, texture, line, shape, form and space when creating their own pieces of artwork.  The children will discover the work of a range of famous artists, designers and architects and observe differences and similarities between them, making links to their own work.

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Year 1

Autumn - Portraits

This term the children will be learning about Portraits

  • What are portraits/self-portraits?
  • Famous portraits
  • Comparison between portrait styles
  • Mark making – explore a range of tools used to make marks in art
  • Create portrait using a techniques used by one of the artists looked at in previous lesson
  • Portraits as a form of observational drawing

Famous Artist  - Giuseppe Arcimboldo
Famours Artist - Andy Warhol

Spring - Sculptures

This term the children develop their skills by designing a piece of art using different materials

  • Design a piece of art/sculpture using different materials
  • Create structures as memorials
  • Complete a piece of art using a range of materials
  • Explore repeating patterns and printing

Summer - Famous Artist Banksy

This term the children will explore the art of Banksy

  • Create own design
  • Explore art skills: cut, glue, trim etc
  • Make own artwork in the style of Banksy
  • Evaluate design and suggest improvements

Year 2

Autumn - Famous Artist Joan Miro

This term our children will explore the artwork of Joan Miro

  • Children express their likes and dislikes
  • Create own design in the style of Joan Miro
  • Children create their own art piece, deciding what to use and how to achieve the task (make sensible choices)
  • Evaluate the choices of techniques and materials

Spring - Famous Architect - Sir Christopher Wren

This term our children will explore the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren - linked with DT

  • Rebuilding London explore the architecture of Sir Christopher Wren – linked with DT
  • What were the buildings like?
  • Explore different house designs of the time
  • Children design their own Stuart house using set design criteria
  • Children make a replica of a Stuart house
  • Children use a range of materials creatively to design and make a collage

Summer - Nurturing Nurses

This term our children will explore and develop various art skills in different contexts.

Year 3

Autumn Term - The Stone Age to the Iron Age

This term our children will explore Stone Age art

  • Create a model of Stonehenge using clay to scale (design in sketch books)
  • Children explore the shape and dimensions of Stonehenge and create a model as close to reality as possible
  • Cave paintings etc. are one way that people learn about what life was like in the Stone Age
  • Examine cave painting examples, what can you learn from them?
  • Children make their own Stone Age art pieces (design in sketch books)
  • Focus on art techniques e.g. shading
  • Children share their art work and see what they can tell about someone from their picture

Spring - Famous Artist Picasso

This term our children will examine some of his most famous pieces

  • Examine some of his most famous pieces
  • When did he live?
  • Explore complementary colours, tone, warm and cold colours etc
  • Colour mixing
  • Design (sketch books)/create a piece of art in the style of Picasso

Summer - Mosaics

This term our children will discover what a mosaic is

  • How did the Romans use them?
  • How did the Romans make them?
  • Examine some existing Mosaics. What do you notice about them?
  • Children design their own mosaic (design in sketch books)
  • Make a mosaic by cutting up bits of paper

Year 4

Autumn - Famous Artist Kandinsky

This term our children will explore the work of Kandinsky

  • Design art work in the style of Kandinsky
  • Create artwork in the style of Kandinsky
  • Evaluate art work in the style of Kandinsky

Spring - Anglo Saxon art and culture

This term our children will explore what art and culture was like in these times?

  • Storytelling, art
  • Explore a range of decorative items that the Saxons created
  • Children create their own decorative designs in the style of the Saxons
  • Explore story telling of the time. Why was it so important?
  • Children to create their own story to be told around a fire

Summer - The Shang Dynasty of Ancient China

This term our children will obserbe and sketch some of the jade objects

  • Explore examples of different ornamental items found from the Shang Dynasty
  • Look at pottery in more detail made out of clay
  • Get the children to express likes and dislikes and evaluate the effectiveness of the designs
  • Design (in sketch books) their own pottery, using examples that they would like to make
  • Peer-assess designs and adapt. Is the design functional?
  • Children start to make their pottery
  • What improvements could they make?

Year 5

Autumn - Famous Artist Georgia O'Keeffe

This term our children will explore the work of Georgia O'Keeffee

  • Create designs (in sketch books).
  • Sketching skills
  • Line, tone, shading
  • Colour mixing

Spring - Greek Art

This term our children will examine examples of Ancient Greek pottery and statues

  • Children make sketches (in sketch books) of different aspects of Greek life
  • Children create own paintings/sketches inspired by Ancient Greece

Summer - Famous Architect Sir Joseph Paxton

This term our children will explore the architure of Crystal Palace.

Year 6

Autumn -Famous Artist Paul Klee

This term our children will think about sketching skills

  • Develop the skills of perspective, proportion and scale
  • Create observational drawings of castles
  • Using knowledge of castles – design a castle including relevant features
  • Use tools and materials to design a good structure
  • Evaluate the Castle
  • How did the design work?
  • What improvements could be made?

Spring - Eastern Europe and the Americas

This term our children will explore and develop various art skills in different contexts.

Summer - Benin Animal tiles

This term children will explore the work of some of the guild of craftsment from Benin society

  • Explain that the children will be creating an animal tile.
  • Children design their tile (in sketch books).
  • Children make their animal tile.
  • What was art like in the Benin society?
  • What can we tell about the Benin society from their artwork?
  • What questions could be asked about the artwork
  • Explore people’s opinions of Benin artwork from history. Why might they have thought that?