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School Learning Council

The School Learning Council (SLC) members from years 1 to 6 are voted for by the rest of their class. The staff in EYFS choose a member from each class for the summer term.

SLC members are asked to collect information and views from their class and feed these back at SLC meetings. This year they have:

  • Decided how we should raise money for the 3 charities we are supporting.
  • Met with our current caterers Pabulum and made recommendations about changes to the menu. These have included: chicken in the baguettes in the deli, sausage and chips once a month and International Week.
  • Suggested the rota for the ‘Listening Ear’ and the ‘Worry Box’.
  • The SLC members from Years 4 and 5 were part of the team evaluating the tender for the catering provision.

Our School Learning Council this year are:

  • 1C                 Thomas Steggall
  • 1P                 Tobie Burn
  • 1CJ                Harriot Falk
  • 2S                 Nancie Cox
  • 2L                 Sharmi Skikumar
  • 2GS               Isaac Evans
  • 3C                 Apolline Tappenden
  • 3R                 Jasmine Fahy
  • 3CR               Siena Mills
  • 4H                Joe Wisbey
  • 4CH              Anaya Patel
  • 4N                Noah Brookes
  • 5W                William Lewis
  • 5M                Annabelle Lynch
  • 5B                 Chloe Jordan
  • 6T                 Ollie Dimond
  • 6S                 Jasmine Bahal
  • 6W                Inayah Ali