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The PTA is not just about fundraising

We believe that each £1 raised, is only a tiny fraction of the value of each of our events to the school, our community and the children. With our Christmas and Summer Fairs, they give our children the opportunity to associate the school with more than education. Children love bringing their families and friends into ‘their domain’ and having a range of fun activities to enjoy together. For all of us, it is a chance to welcome our parents and communities and to feel engaged with the school, which is so valuable for our children’s education.

But what about the money? Who decides how it is spent?

We are lucky to have an active and involved PTA Committee, helpers and supporters in Hayes Primary School and on average our PTA can raise up to £15,000 a year. You may know all schools are facing funding challenges and we are proud that our joint efforts can provide some of the funds needed to make some amazing projects for our children a reality. Each year our PTA raises funds for the school, it enters into a discussion with the Senior Leadership Team about how the money could be best spent for the benefit of the school and our children. By being part of these decisions, parents become automatically more involved; not just in the particular funding decision, but in the school itself; this, I believe, is the real value of the PTA. If you would like to become involved, don’t hesitate to contact us at

The PTA is constantly thinking of ways to raise funds for the school that do not come directly from our families’ pockets. More of the money made in the last Summer Fairs, came from Company Sponsorships, Estate Agent Boards and an amazing £1,700+ from 3 parents putting our PTA Charity forward for Match Funding Contributions at work. If you own a business or work for a company that would like to offer sponsorship, a raffle prize or that operates a match-funding scheme; we would love to hear from you.