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“You can be strict without being nasty, maintain boundaries without cruelty and correct children without aggression”  (Paul Dix)

At Hayes Primary School, our vision is to develop the whole child to ensure that every child can achieve their personal best. We want to create an environment where exemplary behaviour allows children to learn productively, both emotionally and educationally, in all areas of the curriculum, so that they can achieve their personal best. 

We are committed to creating this environment by having high expectations of personal conduct, both from the adults and the children. We achieve this by having three simple rules, clear and consistent steps for managing behaviour and consistent and fair consequences.

Hayes Primary School has three simple rules:

  • Be ready

  • Be respectful

  • Be safe

These rules echo our core values of respect, responsibility, resilience, community, compassion and excellence. 

Please see our 'Behaviour Policy and Behaviour Procedures' - under our Policy and Procedures section of this website.