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 E-Safety Curriculum

As a trust we have a strong commitment to E-Safety and ensure it is at the forefront of our computing curriculum. Starting in EYFS and building up to Year 6 we aim to ensure our pupils are confident, competent and discerning users of digital technology to prepare them for participation in a digital world. 

Our e-safety curriculum covers eight main themes: self-image and identity; online relationships; copyright and ownership; online reputation; online bullying; privacy and security; managing information online and health, well-being and lifestyle. E-safety is taught discreetly and is recapped through quizzing in weekly computing lessons, through regular assemblies and celebration events such as Safer Internet Day. 

Our e-safety lessons have been designed with our pupils at the forefront and are tailored towards how they spend their time online. We will continue to adapt our lessons as the use of technology changes over time. 

We use e-safety texts in each year group to encourage discussion, reflection, shape thinking and challenge misconceptions. 

 E-Safety acrostic poem

Everyone must keep personal information private

Sharing online….  Would you share it with your granny?

Accept friend requests from only your real friends

Feelings matter – be bright, light and polite

Everything that goes online stays online forever

Tell an adult if you have concerns

You can make a difference to the online environment!

Written by the Digital Leaders!

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