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HPS Band on the Run & Strings

Throughout the year, children have the opportunity to be part of Band On The Run or Strings Attached. These are intensive projects run through Bromley Youth Music Trust to enable primary aged children to learn clarinets, saxophones, trumpets, baritones, trombones, violins and cellos over a five week period.

During the five weeks, children have three sessions a week:

  1. A group lesson
  2. A sectional
  3. A whole band/orchestra rehearsal

At the end of the five weeks, the children are able to play multiple songs as part of the band. They are then given the opportunity to perform to the rest of KS2 and their parents are also invited to come and see them play. This is always an unforgettable experience due to the sheer joy and pride on the children’s faces as they perform for the first time. The standard the children are able to get to in such a short period of time is impressive.

Band On The Run and Strings Attached give children the unique experience of starting an instrument as part of an ensemble, which brings music to life even more. As Tom (who did Band On The Run last year) said, “I love everything about playing the trumpet. I’m part of lots of bands which sound really nice.”