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At Hayes Primary School we provide our children with a range of life experiences and expand their understanding of the world they live in. This begins in EYFS where we develop pupils’ understanding of ‘past’ and ‘present’ through a range of stories and discussions about objects. In KS1, we teach children history through making links with their living memory. When we look at figures or events beyond living memory, we have chosen ones that link to areas/concepts that will be taught in KS2 e.g. the role of women over time and in different cultures, developments in technology and the concept of monarchy. From KS2, every unit links chronologically so that pupils are developing their understanding of what life was like in different places in the world at the same time as Britain.

We teach our pupils to ‘think like a historian’ by examining artefacts and sources from the time and encouraging them to think critically about what we might be able to learn from the evidence. Each unit provides experiential learning which engages the children and helps to secure the knowledge whilst building on their understanding of key historical concepts across the school. Woven through our planning is a recognition of diversity - we teach the pupils that people from all backgrounds, ethnicities and religions have had an impact on the world, and we hope that every child sees themselves in our curriculum. In addition to this, we ensure our topics lend themselves well to our promotion and learning of British Values, with talks of democracy throughout the ages and discussions about the rule of law, tolerance and the rights of people.