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Hayes Primary School and The Spring Partnership Trust are proud to be a part of LYFTA.

What is Lyfta? 

  • Lyfta is an award-winning digital, immersive learning platform that transports pupils and teachers to many different places around the world 
  • In each of these places, pupils get to meet someone who shares their own story through a short documentary film
  • These films demonstrate positive, human values such as resilience, collaboration, self-efficacy and empathy and understanding others 
  • From these stories, pupils meet people from many different backgrounds and are shown many skills that we know are essential in pupils’ learning and into the wider world 

Why do schools use Lyfta? 

Lyfta supports schools in a variety of ways, including: 

  • Promoting diversity, equity and inclusion 
  • Supporting character and value education 
  • Teaching sustainability and global citizenship 
  • Supporting social and emotional learning
  • Helping pupils develop critical digital literacy skills 
  • Providing access to different perspectives and ways of living around the world to support development of cultural capital