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Language Leaders

The Language Leaders are the spokespeople for French at KS2 at Hayes Primary School.

They have been selected to promote languages across the school. Their duties are:

  • To assist the teacher in the classroom with organising the resources.
  • To promote languages by showing enthusiasm and being role models in language learning.
  • To write the date and weather in French on the board in their classrooms everyday.
  • To attend a termly meeting to discuss what they have enjoyed the most and what they would like to do the following term.
  • To help during French Day.

The Language Leaders for this year are:

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

3C   Olivia   Walker

3CR  Alfie Burnett

3R Noah Winchcombe

4N    Edward Payton

4CH Oliver Martin

4H   Oliver Smith

5M Ellah Ahmet-Tucker

5B    Sopie Fideras

5W  Sameer Patel

6W  Elliott Wiggins

6S   Oliver Warren

6T   Lily Oxtoby