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Language Leaders

The Language Leaders are the spokespeople for French at KS2 at Hayes Primary School.

They have been selected to promote languages across the school. Their duties are:

  • To assist the teacher in the classroom with organising the resources.
  • To promote languages by showing enthusiasm and being role models in language learning.
  • To write the date and weather in French on the board in their classrooms everyday.
  • To attend a termly meeting to discuss what they have enjoyed the most and what they would like to do the following term.
  • To help during French Day.

The Language Leaders for this year are:

Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 6

3H    Libby Leeves

3M   Zaviyar Ahmed

3S    Joseph Green

4C    Sivangi Yellapragada

4S    Jamie Wallace

4W   Leonardo Asllanaj

5B    Lillie Lewis

5HB  Henry Germain

5S    Elsie Morriss

6N  Donncha McKeown

6S   Ben Smith

6T   Isla Kingshott