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Learning Excellence


At Hayes Primary School, we intend for our curriculum to develop the whole child so that they can achieve their personal best. 
Our curriculum design is underpinned by our school and Trust values. We believe that by focusing on our values, our children will be prepared and ready to meet the challenges of the next steps of their education and life.

School Values


We have high expectations of our children and we want them to strive for excellence in all areas of the curriculum. Our curriculum encourages this by being aspirational and it gives our children authentic opportunities to show excellence across the curriculum. 


Our curriculum is designed to develop our children’s respect and tolerance for others’ opinions and beliefs. It ensures that all the children understand British values, whilst at the same time embracing diversity and the global context in which they live and will work in the future. Our curriculum develops an understanding of the wider world and the opportunities available to them. 


We firmly believe that children should take responsibility for themselves and their own actions. This is essential in developing independent, lifelong learners. Our curriculum encourages children to be self-regulated learners who can motivate themselves to engage in, and improve, their learning. Our wider curriculum offers the children many opportunities to take on extra responsibilities across the school. These include Junior Travel Ambassadors, Maths and English Champions, School Council members and members of different sports teams.


We have a shared acknowledgement that being able to fail is vital to children’s success in later life and the development of a ‘growth mindset’ is taught and modelled to our children. This is further reinforced/embedded through the metacognitive cycle of ‘plan, monitor, evaluate.’


Our curriculum is designed to encourage the children to think of themselves not only as citizens of their local area, but as global citizens. We do this through our subject specific curriculum (Geography, History, Computing, RE, PSHE), as well as through our charity work. Our children have access to First News and we use Lyfta to broaden our children’s horizons by experiencing different cultures and perspectives. 


If our children can leave Hayes Primary School as kind, considerate and empathetic individuals, then our curriculum has been successful. Compassion is rooted in the spiritual, moral and cultural development that is explicitly taught in RE and PSHE lessons and through our assembly program, but our team also implicitly models these in their interactions with each other and the children. 

Trust Values


Our Trust curriculum has been designed to engage children, ensuring they develop a sense of ‘awe and wonder’ through learning experiences which encourage them to investigate, research and reason. Spring pupils innovate, develop digital skills & maximise the use of technology to enhance their learning. 


The five schools within The Spring Partnership Trust have collaborated to design and continuously evaluate and adapt our curriculum offer so that it is appropriately broad and ambitious. Through staff working together as a team, and in partnership with pupils and their parents and carers, we strive to ensure that our aims are met. Spring pupils develop independence, confidence and character through activities including sport, creativity and performance.


The Trust Curriculum ensures that all children can equitably access the curriculum offer. We remove barriers to learning and participation through flexible grouping, cognitive and metacognitive strategies, explicit instruction, using technology and scaffolding. Our aim is to develop critical thinking, leadership skills, oracy skills, life skills, cultural capital & financial literacy. We want to expose pupils to a variety of subject areas which promote character building qualities that lead to creating well-rounded, global citizens, opening up doors to paths in later life.   


Our curriculum is fully inclusive and will not discriminate against the protected characteristics: age, disability, gender, gender identity, race, religion or belief and sexual orientation. It develops an understanding of the wider world and the opportunities available to them. Spring pupils are local, national & global citizens; they have a strong sense of identity, respect and value the importance of diversity & inclusion and make positive contributions to their community.