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Learning in Year 1

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Autumn 1 - Relationships

  • I can identify special people (family, friends, carers) and explain what makes them special and how special people should care for one another.
  • I can recognise what is fair and unfair, kind and unkind, what is right and wrong.
  • I can identify and respect the differences and similarities between people.

Autumn 2 - Health and Wellbeing

  • I understand what constitutes a healthy lifestyle including the benefits of physical activity, rest, healthy eating and dental health.
  • I can explore change and loss and the associated feelings (including moving home, losing toys, pets or friends).
  • I can explain the process of growing from young to old and how people’s needs change.

Spring 1  - Living in the Wider World

  • I know how I can contribute to the life of the classroom.
  • I know that I belong to a variety of groups and communities such as family and school.
  • I understand the difference between wants and needs. (Linking to UN declaration of the rights- needs links to the rights)

Spring 2 - Relationships

  • I can explain strategies for resisting teasing or bullying, if I experience or witness it, and whom to go to and how to get help.
  • I can recognise how my behaviour affects other people.
  • I can listen to other people and play and work cooperatively (including strategies for resolving simple arguments through negotiation).

Summer 1 - Health and Wellbeing

  • I know how some diseases are spread and can be controlled and I understand the responsibility I have for my own and others’ health.
  • I know that household products, including medicines, can be harmful if not used properly.
  • I recognise that I share a responsibility for keeping myself and others safe, when to say, ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘I’ll ask’ and ‘I’ll tell’.

Summer 2  - Living in the Wider World

  • I know what can improve and harm my local, natural and built environments and can explain some of the ways people look after them.
  • I understand the role money plays in my life, including how to manage my money, e.g. how to keep it safe.
  • I can help construct, and agree to follow, group and class rules and to understand how these rules help them (Link to transition in Year 2).