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Our Maths Curriculum at Hayes aims to provide children with the opportunity to develop a curiosity for maths, develop enjoyment and passion for the subject, allow them to understand the world around them, and reason mathematically. We are dedicated to providing our children with a maths curriculum which allows them to have a deep understanding of the concepts they are learning about. We apply the ‘Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract’ method to our maths lessons which means that children are always given the opportunity to understand a concept through using concrete manipulatives (such as Numicon, base 10, counters etc.) before moving on to representing it pictorially and then moving into the abstract. An example of how this works with addition can be seen in the pictures below:

We are also committed to giving our children a maths curriculum which allows them to apply mathematical concepts into real life situations. In every lesson, children will be given the opportunity to discuss, reason and problem solve in real life contexts as well as having the chance to practise fluency in mathematics (solving basic calculations).

For a more detailed breakdown of what each year group will be learning about, please see the documents in the ‘Our Maths Learning' section.