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Music is a prominent part of life at Hayes Primary School. Children are provided with high quality music lessons in classes as well as an array of opportunities outside of the classroom. Please see the Clubs page for details of extra-curricular music opportunities.
Why do Hayes Primary School afford music such an important role in school life? There are many reasons why, as a school, we choose to devote time, energy and resources towards giving musical opportunities to our children, and they are summarised in the following rationale.

Self-confidence and resilience

Performing music with others is a great way to build self-confidence, and the ups and downs of learning to sing or play an instrument promote resilience and courage.


Group music is a wonderful way to bring people together, as we all have fun as a group towards a common goal. Many  friendships are formed in the school’s different ensembles, and they are not based on school class or year group, but on a shared musical identity.

An opportunity for excellence

Music affords an opportunity for all children to express themselves and feel as if they are ‘top of the class’. Those who commit themselves to the music pathway can really excel and become fine young musicians.

Educational attainment

Many studies have shown the impact of music on educational attainment and brain function and it also develops children’s  concentration skills; the three points listed above will also of course contribute to a healthy, happy student who is ready to learn in the classroom.


Put simply, the children love it! The smiles on their faces and clear excitement for their musical activities is proof enough that it is worth the time, energy and resources we put into it.