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The Music Hub

We are delighted that the Hayes Primary School Music Hub is now officially open.

The Music Hub is a centre of excellence for music and the arts and allows us to offer an excellent education in music, providing our pupils with the opportunity to use and learn musical instruments and participate in singing and other musical activities.

Music has long played a fundamental part in life at Hayes Primary School and the Music Hub has allowed us to develop this further.

Our weekly singing assemblies begin in Reception and increase the sense of community at Hayes Primary School, while also helping to improve our children's physical and mental well-being and their musicality. We also listen attentively to music as we come into our daily assemblies, exposing our children to a diverse array of musical genres.

Our curriculum boasts weekly music lessons, which are rotated each half-term to be taught either by the class teacher, using the Charanga music program or a specialist music teacher from BYMT (Bromley Youth Music Trust).

Our Music Hub is used by every child in the school for lessons with our BYMT teachers. Over the course of their time at Hayes Primary School, every child will learn to play the pBuzz, ukulele, recorder, and djembe drums, ensuring a well-rounded musical education for all.

The Music Hub has three dedicated practice spaces which are used daily by our peripatetic music teachers. Children have the opportunity to learn to play the piano, guitar, cello, flute, violin, saxophone, clarinet or the drums.