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Music Hub

Hayes Music Community Hub

We are very excited about our project!

Our Community Vision - 'A space for all"

  • Pre school groups
  • New parents
  • A space for older community members
  • A space for bespoke music curriculum lessons and instrumental lessons

Vision and Objectives

Hayes Music and Community Hub will be a ‘centre of excellence in music’ which will deliver music-based activities that improve the lives of our community.

Our objectives are to build and operate the Hayes Music and Community Hub to …

  1. …improve the health and wellbeing outcomes of our target groups.
  2. … improve the educational and social outcomes of our target pupils and future pupils.


Today, many of us suffer from a range of mental health issues - one in 10 young people aged 5-16 have a diagnosed mental health problem impacting their health, education, future employment, and social outcomes.  Additionally, social isolation is impacting health and wellbeing across our community - loneliness felt by young adults is as potent a cause of death as smoking 15 cigarettes day, up to 82% of mums feel lonely some of the time, and up to 13% of increasingly ageing population experience loneliness. 

We are tackling these two central issues through the development of a new and unique intergenerational programme centred around music and delivered in a new community building.  The new Music and Community Hub in Hayes, Bromley will create a ‘space for all’ including pre-schoolers and parents, school children, and the elderly; to engage in a range of music-based activities. 

Music has the proven ability to improve health and wellbeing amongst all age groups.  For example, research shows:

  • music releases a chemical in the brain with a key role in setting good moods
  • a strong connection between rhythm skills and pre-reading abilities in toddlers 
  • musical experiences improve children’s social development as well as academic achievements
  • music can stimulate psychological change - just one session of group drumming can boost immune activity

Research shows that developing relationships between the elderly and the young can be beneficial for the wellbeing of both parties.   E.g. The Hayes Primary School’s 2018 Pen Pal Project linked year 5 and 6 children (10-12 year olds) with older members of the community.  Letters were written back and forth; and a tea party was held where children met their Pen Pals.  The young people had an opportunity to improve their writing and learn from the older people.  The older people enjoyed hearing all the children’s news and really enjoyed meeting them. This project has continued and is still running.

Target Groups

Target Groups (and potential music programme activities):

  • Toddlers: parent networking, music sessions for toddlers, collaborative work with HPS students
  • Primary School Pupils: music lessons, choir/junior band/groups, instrumental lessons, music therapy accessible across Trust schools, parent’s community choir, rehearsal space
  • The elderly: coffee morning, collaborative work with HPS students, concerts, participative music sessions, community choir