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Outdoor Learning

What is Outdoor Learning?

  • ‘In a nutshell, outdoor learning is an umbrella term which covers every type of learning experience which happens outdoors.’ (Juliet Robertson – Dirty Teaching)
  • Outdoor learning encompasses all aspect of learning happening outside including adventurous activities, team challenges, environmental education and playground games.

Why Outdoor Learning?


  • Learning happens as a result of the relationships between people, the nature of the activity and the place and time where it takes place.
  • The idea of place as an important part of the learning process comes from the work of Sir Patrick Geddes (1854 – 1932).
  • Lots of our current thinking focusses on the activities and people but misses the place and time.

Outdoor Learning and our Curriculum

  • Outdoor learning is a different approach to what many of us may have experienced ourselves at school.
  • Outdoor Learning is a core element of every area of our curriculum here at Hayes Primary and it helps to enhance all learning experiences.
  • When planning lessons teachers are always looking for opportunities to ensure the learning happens outdoors.