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Pupil, Teacher and Parent Voice

Parent Voice

For a summary of parent voice, please click on the link below to watch the video which was made by a group of parents to nominate Miss Wilcox for the Classic FM Music Teacher of the Year Award.

Pupil Voice

Choir is good for relaxing you. If something has upset you, when you go to choir you sing and forget about your problems.  Samuel, Year 3


Drumming puts me in the mood for fun. It’s my favourite instrument. I’m learning new skills every week.  Billy, Year 6


Although the trombone was quite difficult at first, I now really enjoy playing and love being part of the orchestra.  Riley, Year 6


I think music is a way of being able to express yourself. It allows you to show your feelings and relax.  Violet, Year 6


Teacher Voice

The variety of instruments available to learn at Hayes Primary is truly amazing.  Mrs Rayner, Year 2 Teaching Assistant


I think music is so important because it develops many different parts of the child. It develops them socially, intellectually and culturally.  Sally White, Year 5 Leader 


Music is the perfect opportunity to allow a range of pupils to flourish.  Miss Salter, Year 2 Teacher


Music teaches children a unique skill which is completely different to the rest of the curriculum. It is something they will take forward to the next step in their learning and beyond.  Mrs Swatton, Year 6 Teaching Assistant