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Pupil Voice


Pupil Voice

Singing assemblies are fun! We love using actions to go with the songs - Year 2

Our music teacher is so helpful; she listens to us play in small groups so that she can hear if we're getting it right or not - Year 4  

When learning how to play the ukulele, we've learnt the thumb brush stroke; splashes; pitter patters and drip drops.  These different ways of playing helps us to learn the tunes - Year 3

I know words such as pulse, beats and I can identify crotchets and quavers - Year 5

Our music lesson help us to keep the beat and move our bodies to slow and fast rhythms - Year 1

Learning an instrument is a life skill - Year 6

If you've had a hard lesson before a singing assembly, going into the hall and singing really calms me down - Year 3

Teacher Voice

The children really look forward to their music lessons! They are fun and varied and teach the children so many fundamental skills which go beyond basic musical skills - Mr Mannoukas

The music teachers that we have are great, enthusiastic and fun! It is nice that they get to use a variety of different instruments throughout the year groups such as recorders, boomwhackers and ukuleles - Miss Cook

It is nice to have a brilliant specialist teacher for music lessons. The children are always enthusiastic and enjoy the lessons. I've seen some great practice on the recorders - Mrs Valentine

Year 1 are all so engaged in their music lessons. I was only walking along the corridor earlier and heard a child singing one of the songs that they had learnt. The children have a really good understanding of the beat and rhythm - Mrs Jones

The children love when BYMT come in to teach them the p-Buzz, they especially enjoy learning about different rhythms in our buzzing bees song. Having the opportunity to then share their learning with their adults during their parent concert is something they also love! - Miss Woolley