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School Closure/Severe Weather

Hayes Primary School will stay open if at all possible when there is severe weather such as snow.  In the event of school closure, we will endeavour to keep you up to date at all times.  When we have heavy snow overnight, staff will do their utmost to get into school as long as transport links are working and it is safe for them to travel.  Please remember that many members of staff live a long way from the school so walking is not an option.

As we are sure you will appreciate, closing the school is not a decision that is taken lightly and will be made with the health and safety of the children and staff who are trying to get to school in mind.  We will always try to make a decision by 7.30 a.m. and communicate our decision through the following channels:

  1. The school website - (home page)
  2. Parentmail/Text – we will send an email or SMS text message
  3. Bromley’s website –
  4. Twitter –

Please do not allow unaccompanied older children to set off without first checking that school is open and if you are not certain then assume the school is closed.  If the school is closed Breakfast and After school clubs will also not operate.  Parents and carers have the responsibility of getting children/pupils to and from school safely and need to decide if the journey is safe when severe weather affects transport and/or walking conditions.

If on the rare occasion school closes at a time within the school day, parents/carers will be informed by telephone/text.  Members of staff will stay with children until they are collected by parents/carers.  If conditions worsen in the school day and parents feel it is absolutely necessary to collect children, the school should, if possible, be contacted prior to collections.  Please avoid collecting children before the end of the day unless you feel their safety is at risk.

Snowy weather when school remains open

If there is snow on the ground and school is open, the following arrangements will apply:

  • Caretaking staff will endeavour to clear snow to ensure that pathways on the school site are clear and accessible.
  • The parent car park will not be accessible due to safety reasons. Please park and stride from neighbouring roads out on Hayes Lane, near Hayes farm and beyond and use the school crossing patrol. We are strongly advising parents not to enter George Lane.
  • Doors will remain open until 9.10am to give everyone a bit longer to get into school.

Frosty conditions/black ice/light snow

On these mornings, we urge you to proceed with extreme caution.  Paths will be gritted from the gates to the school entrances – we advise that you stick to these paths for your own and the children’s safety.  During the day, staff will assess the safety of the playgrounds before allowing children to play out on them.  May we respectfully remind you that before school opens the children are your responsibility.

Winter outdoor clothes:  Please ensure that in the cold weather your child is adequately dressed i.e. warm coat, hat, gloves, scarf and boots.  During severe wintry weather, please ensure that your children wear named boots and that they bring a change of shoes.  A named peg to keep the boots together and a plastic bag to store them in are very useful and should ensure that they do not get lost.  If we are able to go outside at playtimes, warm clothing and boots will be essential.

Thank you for your cooperation.