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School Improvement Strategies

The school is led well by a relatively newly formed, passionate and dedicated, senior leadership team. Their vision for the school is clear and is shared throughout the staff. Similarly, as a Rights Respecting School, a Unicef initiative, leaders and other teachers have developed a school where every pupil is valued and where difference and diversity are celebrated.

Hayes Primary is an ‘Assessment for Learning’ school which has led to sustained success through formative assessment in lessons, split-teaching and direct differentiation. The use of Target Tracker to monitor progress has provided clarity in terms of teachers’ planning and implementing appropriate interventions.

The leadership team has developed a lesson study regime which has led to clear progression in the quality of teaching and learning. The school benefits from a number of staff who are accredited SLEs (School Leaders in Education), one of whom is a specialist in lesson study and hence the effectiveness of this development.

The school has an effective programme of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to develop teachers across the school. For example, training for staff in mathematics has had a direct impact on the high level outcomes prevalent in the school in this subject. Testament to the school’s effective CPD programme is the high number of teachers who started as newly qualified teachers (NQTs) and who have gone on to adopt leadership roles within the school.