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School Learning Council

The School Learning Council (SLC) members from years 3 to 6 are voted for by the rest of their class. 

SLC members are asked to collect information and views from their class and feed these back at SLC meetings. This year they have:

  • Decided how we should raise money for the 3 charities we are supporting.
  • Set up a class school council box in which pupils can post suggestions for school improvements to be discussed at the meetings.
  • Begun to develop Oracy within the school by taking part in some pupil voice surveys and discussing their views on speaking and listening within the curriculum.
  • Begun to learn about the procedure and workings of Parliament in preparation for their trip to the Houses of Parliament in the summer term.

Our School Learning Council this year are:

  • 3H    Skye Gettens
  • 3M    Rocco Burbridge
  • 3S     Bronte Thorogood
  • 4C     Daphne Barker
  • 4S     Frances Henry
  • 4W    Ellie Seaby
  • 5B     Thomas Steggall
  • 5HB   Lottie Weir
  • 5S      Eve Davis
  • 6N     Jessica Thompsett
  • 6S      Jack Smith Phebey
  • 6T      Zac Freeman