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Singing Assemblies, Class Assemblies and Christmas Concerts

All children in Key Stages 1 and 2 are part of our weekly singing assemblies. During this time, we teach the children various songs in different styles which children sing as a large group. This includes unison singing, singing in rounds and singing in parts. Often the children receive recorded accompaniment (when learning our Christmas songs, for example).  As well as this, the children are taught about musical structures such as pulse and rhythm. Despite having 380 children in the room, they are able to clap in three part polyrhythms and have developed the ability to stay in time with each other by internalising the beat. The sound of happiness that comes from the hall during our singing assemblies is a delight to hear. The children thoroughly enjoy their time in singing assembly and smiles can be seen all around the room!

There is also an expectation that all classes perform a song during their annual class assembly. Teachers choose a song based on a topic that children are learning about for children to learn and perform as a class.

All children give a Christmas performance to their families and friends too. EYFS and Key Stage 1 will perform a nativity. For Year 4, this is a Christingle service with traditional songs as well as some modern ones. Years 3, 5 and 6 do a Christmas concert where they perform a set of modern songs that tell the Christmas story.